Red Ribbon Week!!!

Hi Everyone,

We will begin Red Ribbon week this Monday, October 24 to October 28. This is what the students can wear on each day to show their support to a drug free environment:

Monday- Hats-off to a Healthy Lifestyle

*Students may wear any hat, make sure that if it has writing or symbols that they are appropriate for school.

*Jamba Juice Order Forms are due

Tuesday- Shade-out Drugs

*Students may wear sunglasses

*Jamba Juice at lunch, for those that ordered

Wednesday- Tie-down Drugs

*Students may wear a tie

Thursday- Be on a Drug Free Team

*Students can wear their favorite sports team’s jersey

Friday- Red Day

*Students can wear a red shirt with blue jeans. Make sure that if the shirt has words or pictures they are appropriate for school. Blue jeans only, no leggings or other material that is made to look like jean material.

*Middle School Halloween Dance in new hall. All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are invited.