Room 7 Weekly Newsletter 9/29

Weekly Newsletter



Next weekend is our Oktoberfest.  Costume requirements have been provided by Ms. Latham.
Boys and Girls: Dark colored bottoms (slacks or skirts) and white collared shirt. Shoulders MUST be covered. Black pants are preferred. No bare legs. No flip flops or sandals. Students can wear Tennis Shoes. Must wear socks/tights.

The school will be performing at 4pm.  Please have your child to school by 3:30pm.  Our class is performing first, so it is very important that your child is here and ready at 3:30pm.

As we prepare for the Oktoberfest, we will be reviewing chapters and lessons in Religion, Spelling, Language Arts.

4th Grade Math:  Chapter 2 Addition and Subtraction Concepts

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the four meanings of subtraction
  • Write an addition or subtraction expression with a variable
  • Solve a mathematical expression with a variable
  • Find missing addends, subtrahends, and minuends

5th Grade Math Group A:  Chapter 2 Multiplication

Students will be able to:

  • Understand and perform operation of multiplication
  • Understand and apply the properties of multiplication
  • Use patterns when multiplying whole numbers by 100, 1000, or their multiples
  • Estimate products of whole numbers and money amounts
  • Multiply with zeros in the multiplicand

5th Grade Math Group B:  Chapter 3 Division

  • Use multiplication facts to find related division facts
  • Understand rules of division
  • Divide larger dividends by 1-digit divisors
  • Divide by 1-digit divisors to obtain quotients with one or more zeros
  • Use short division when dividing by 1-digit divisors

Science:  Review Chapter 1B  pgs. B2-B31

  • Use Interactive Science Notebooks as a study guide
  • Know all vocabulary words and definitions
  • Be familiar with pictures on page B14-B15 and B17

Classroom Wishlist:

  • bright post-it notes in different shapes and sizes (for our Community Board)
  • clear packaging tape (for our name tags)
  • plug-in refills

(Don’t forget you earn 1 service hour for every $10 spent!)


Monday 10/3:  P.E.

Tuesday 10/4:  Blessing of the Animals 3:30pm (All pets must be accompanied by an adult.)

Wednesday 10/5:  8am Mass, Science Chapter 1B Test, Khan Assignments due, 2:30pm Dismissal

Thursday 10/6:  Oktoberfest costumes due to Ms. Latham for approval, 12noon Dismissal

Friday 10/7:  11am Rosary, 12noon Dismissal

Saturday 10/8: Oktoberfest-  3:30pm student arrival, 4pm performance, 5:30am School Mass

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