Week of 12/3


Sunday marks the first Sunday in Advent. Can you believe Christmas is almost here? I can’t! St. Mary will be featured again this year at KUSI’s Songs of the Holiday Season T.V. Program. Tune in (or set your DVR) on Christmas Eve from 8:00-10:00 PM or on Christmas Day from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM or 8:00- 10:00 PM.

We have a Bake Sale on Wednesday, December 5th.

Don’t forget to take the online survey about our school’s Catholic Identity. You get five service hours just for filling it out. Here is the direct link: St. Mary School Catholic Identity Survey

This week’s tests:
  • Religion Chapter 11 Test on Thursday
  • Spelling Test on List 11 on Friday
  • Science Chapter 3A Test on Thursday Science Ch. 3A Study Guide
What we are learning:
  • Religion: 4th and 5th Commandments (Ch. 11)
  • Math: multiplication concepts (Ch. 4)
  • Science: types of ecosystems review (Ch. 3A)
  • Social Studies: Native Americans- the Cherokee and the Haudenosaunee (Ch. 3)
  • Phonics: review compounds, blends, digraphs, y as a vowel and as a consonant, and r-controlled vowels (Unit 3) & begin contractions and the words they come from (Unit 4)
  • Spelling: spell compound words (List 11)
  • Reading: cause and effect
  • English: review nouns (Ch. 6)
  • Writing: single paragraphs with 5 sentences
Spelling Dictation Sentences:
  1. Everyone came to school without their homework today.
  2. Was everybody scared by the earthquake?
Advent Related Resources:
Helpful websites: