Kinder Newsletter for Sept. 16, 2016

We had a great week this week. The children are getting used to our classroom routines and becoming more familiar with the class expectations.

On Monday, our 10th day of school, Zero the Hero came to visit for the first time! He comes to visit every 10th day of school with a special treat in the shape of a 0….his favorite number!

Please make sure your child has a snack each day separate from their lunch. They keep their snack in their cubby and their lunch on the lunch cart.



Please make sure you are emptying your child’s folder each night and reviewing their work with them.

The first sound bag has been sent home. Please have your child fill it with 4-5 small items that start with the sound of Bb and bring it in on Monday. All items will be returned by Friday.

MATH: Please complete pages 7, 8, 9 and 10. Please return by next Friday the 23rd.


We learned how God gave us the gift of our senses to see, smell, taste, hear and touch the world. We also discussed this Sunday’s Gospel.


This week we read Angels All Around Us and Little Acorn Grows Up for the long vowel sound of Aa, along with Becka and the Big Bubble, and Blueberries for Sal for the letter Bb.


We have been working on identifying objects that are the same and different in color and shape. Math homework: pgs: 7, 8, 9, & 10.


We made Chocolate Acorns for the letter Aa and Bubble Bread for the letter Bb.


Our rotations included a listening center, a smelling game center and identifying objects to their shapes.

Enjoy your weekend!


God Bless,

Mrs. Taylor