Room 7 Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter


Announcements:  This Monday and Tuesday our class will be taking the STAR test.  Please be sure your child has a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast both of these days.

Religion:  Chapter 3 Sin in Our World

“Answer when I call, my saving God.  In my troubles, you cleared a way; show me favor; hear my prayer.”  (Psalm 4:2)

4th Language Arts: Unit 1 Lesson 3

5th Language Arts: Unit 1 Lesson 3

The weekly spelling homework assignment can be found here.

Our class has a Quizlet account.  This is an online flashcard system that helps students study vocab words.  Please click here to access both 4th and 5th grade material.  Many thanks to Ms. Hazel for creating this account and inputting both 4th and 5th grade vocab words and definitions.

4th Math Group A:  Chapter 1 Place Value

  • Recognize halfway points and locate other points on a number line
  • Make change and find its value
  • Compare and order money amounts through $99.99
  • Use rounding rules to round whole numbers and money amounts to a given place

We will continue with daily multiplication drills to help your child memorize his/her math facts.  The drills are timed.  They have 3 minutes to complete 60 problems.  Please help your child memorize his/her math facts at home.  The order of testing is as follows:  Multiplying 0, Multiplying 1, Multiplying 2, Review, Multiplying 5, Multiplying 10, Review, Multiplying 3, Multiplying 6, Multiplying 9, Review, Multiplying 4, Multiplying 8, Review, Multiplying 7, Multiplying 11, Multiplying 12.  The review tests cover all numbers previously mastered.

5th Math Group A:  Chapter 1 Place Value

  • Round whole numbers, decimals, and money to a given place or to the greatest place
  • Apply the properties of addition and the rules of subtraction
  • Estimate sums and differences using front-end estimation and rounding
  • Add three or more addends, with regrouping
  • Subtract whole numbers and money amounts with zeros in the minuend

5th Math Group B:  Chapter 2 Multiplication

  • Multiply with zeros in multiplier
  • Multiply money amounts
  • Find and utilize hidden information to solve problems

Science: Unit B Chapter 1 Changes to Earth’s Surfaces

  • Distinguish between erosion and deposition
  • Explain how Earth’s crust is broken down into soil
  • Describe how water, wind, and ice change landforms

Social Studies:   Chapter 1 The Geography of California

  • Understand standard features of maps, including title, legend, compass rose, scale
  • Describe California’s climate
  • Define region and describe California’s major geographic regions
  • Use latitude and longitude to determine absolute location

*We need bags of dried split peas, white beans, pinto beans, and small shell pasta for a Social Studies art project next week.  Please email me, if you can send some in!

Classroom Wishlist:

(Don’t forget you earn 1 service hour for every $10 spent!)

  • bright post-it notes in different shapes and sizes (for our Community Board)
  • clear packaging tape (for our name tags)
  • large black pillows (for our Library reading area)
  • plug-in refills


Monday 9/19:  STAR Testing

Tuesday 9/20:  STAR Testing

Wednesday 9/21:  8am Mass, Khan Assignments due, 2:30pm Dismissal

Thursday 9/22:  Team Day (Wear any spirit shirt with long or capri jeans.  No jean shorts allowed.  Students can wear their P.E. shorts if they want.)

Friday 9/23:  Picture Make-Up Day, Religion Ch. 3 Test, L.A./Spelling 1.3 Test

Save the Date:  Octoberfest Saturday, October 8th 3pm, Mandatory student attendance at the school performance.  More information to come.

For an up-to-date version of our school calendar please visit