Room 7 Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter


Religion:  Chapter 2 Jesus Leads Us to Happiness

“One thing I ask of the Lord; this I seek:  To dwell in the Lord’s house all the days of my life.”  (Psalm 27:4)

4th Language Arts:  Unit 1 Lesson 2

5th Language Arts:  Unit 1 Lesson 2

The weekly spelling homework assignment can be found here.

Our class has a Quizlet account.  This is an online flashcard system that helps students study vocab words.  Please click here to access both 4th and 5th grade material.  Many thanks to Ms. Hazel for creating this account and inputting both 4th and 5th grade vocab words and definitions.

4th Math Group A:  Chapter 1 Place Value

  • Understand, read, and write place value through hundred millions
  • Write numbers in expanded form
  • Recognize appropriate estimates
  • Compare and order whole numbers

We will begin daily multiplication drills to help your child memorize his/her math facts.  The drills will be timed.  They will have 3 minutes to complete 60 problems.  Please help your memorize his/her math facts at home.

5th Math Group A:  Chapter 1 Place Value

  • Write numbers in expanded and standard form
  • Read and write decimals through thousandths in words and in standard form
  • Compare and order whole numbers and decimals
  • Round whole numbers, decimals, and money to a given place or to the greatest place

5th Math Group B:  Chapter 2 Multiplication

  • Understand and apply the Properties of Multiplication
  • Find patterns and special factors
  • Estimate products of whole numbers and money amounts

Science: Unit B Chapter 1 Changes to Earth’s Surfaces

  • Distinguish between erosion and deposition
  • Explain how Earth’s crust is broken down into soil
  • Describe how water, wind, and ice change landforms

Social Studies:   Chapter 1 The Geography of California

  • Describe California’s location on Earth
  • Understand how geographers analyze places
  • Understand standard features of maps, including title, legend, compass rose, scale
  • Compare information on a map and globe


Wednesday 9/14:  8am Mass, 2:30pm Dismissal

Thursday 9/15:  Picture Day (Wear white polo shirts, bring PE clothing to change)

Friday 9/16:  Religion Ch 2 Test, Spelling/L.A. 1.2 Test, 12noon Dismissal

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