First Grade Blog–           Mrs. Bonica            September 6-9,  2016


Welcome to our First Grade Blog. I will post this on my page, but for the first few weeks I will also send a copy home in your child’s folder.

Since we are having full days this week, the special subjects will begin.

Here is some information that you will need to know this week.


Our anchor story is called “What Is a Pal?”

Sight words include : and  you  be  play  help  with

We will practice the short a sound as well  as consonants n,d,p,and f.

Concepts to be discussed are main idea, nouns,  and classifying and categorizing words.


Words: bag  an  at  can  ran  fan  ask  ant  wag  has  hand  lamp  tax  van  gas

          Sentences:  1.  Dad has a bag.            2. An ant ran.



READING LOG: Read for 15 minutes each night Mon-Fri and record it on your log.

Please keep the reading log stapled to the inside cover of the folder

and record the book read EACH NIGHT.

Monday: Practice each spelling word and the sentences two times each on the

folded paper  included in the folder.

Tuesday:   Same as Monday

Wednesday:  Math worksheet   and study Spelling words

Thursday:   Same Spelling practice as Monday, study for a test on Friday

Friday:  No homework except for reading


Math: We will practice writing numbers and reading number words through 12.

Social Studies:  All about our families.    ******* Please send in an individual picture of your child and a picture of your family for a project that we will do on Thursday.

Supply l box:   If your child brought in a large supply box, please get them a smaller one that  can fit into their desk. The size that was recommended can be purchased at Staples.  They can use the larger one in their cubby.

Journals:  As I mentioned on Back to School Night, I have purchased journals for use in the classroom. Please send in $2.50 to cover the cost of the journal if you have not done so already.

Reminders: Our Lady of Fatima observance on Thursday at 3:00-3:15 in the church.

We will begin the “Smile Charts” this week .


Thanks so much for all of your help getting the year off to a good start!


Have a great week and God Bless.


Mrs. Eileen Bonica