Room 7 Weekly Newsletter 9/2

Weekly Newsletter


Religion: Chapter 1 Growing In Jesus

“Teach me, Lord, your way that I may walk in your truth.”  (Psalm 86:11)

4th Language Arts: Unit 1 Lesson 1

5th Language Arts:  Unit 1 Lesson 1

4th Math: Chapter 1 Place Value

5th Math: Chapter 1 Place Value

Science: Unit B Chapter 1 Changes to Earth’s Surfaces

Social Studies:   Chapter 1 The Geography of California


Monday 9/5:  No School

Wednesday 9/7:  8am Mass, 2:30pm Dismissal

Thursday 9/8:  P.E., 3pm Our Lady of Fatima

Friday 9/9:  Lesson 1.1 Spelling/LA Test, Ch 1 Religion Test

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