Room 7 Weekly Newsletter 6/10

Weekly Newsletter


Religion:  We have finished our Religion book!  Next Tuesday, there will be a Unit 4 test covering chapters 22-26.

4th Grade and 5th Grade Language Arts:  This week we completed our Journeys series!

4th Grade Math:  Chapter 12 Division

5th Grade Math:  Chapter 10 Geometry

Social Studies:  Chapter 9 The Declaration of Independence

Science:  This week we conducted a CSI science lab activity.  Lab groups had to analyze finger prints, fiber pieces, and leaves found at the scene.  Many thanks to Dr. Dossey and Agilent for providing us with Science Labs all year!

Upcoming Important Dates and Events (Tests are only added on a weekly basis and subject to change):

Monday 6/11:  Completed State Book due

Tuesday 6/12:  Religion Unit 4 Test

Wednesday 6/15:  8am Mass, 12noon Dismissal, 3pm 8th Graduation

Friday 6/17: 8am End of the Year Mass, 10am Dismissal, No AM/PM Program

Happy Summer!  First Day of School is 8/29/16.

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