First Grade News- Mrs. Bonica May 31, 2016- June 3, 2016

Dear First Grade Parents,

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. I enjoyed mine. On Saturday I spent the day with the puppies that visited us in first grade. They were bathed and had to have their shots and veterinarian visits before they left for their new homes. Five of them will be getting on planes for their new homes on the east coast. Oh those faces!

Here are some things for you to know about this week…

Spelling Words for the test on Friday: orca, manta ray, swordfish, crab , tuna, krill, flipper, swim, coral, seaweed.    Homework will be to write the words 2 times each each night.

Math: We will continue to practice with concepts of time and money. We worked on fractions on Friday, so please practice these concepts with your child at home. These are not the easiest concepts for some children to learn so frequent practice is necessary. We work on telling time to the hour and half hour .  We  are practicing with pennies, nickels, dimes an quarters and adding a variety of the coins together.  We are also practicing addition and subtraction of two digit numbers.

Religion: We Are All Important to God. We will read a book about the mass. Children will read a favorite Bible story from the children’s Bible.

Reading:  Anchor story: “The Dot”.  Concepts to be discussed will be the exclamation sentence, word endings of ed and ing.  Each child will make a drawing out of a “Squiggle” to enhance the story concept.


The children will present their animal reports and share how they made their recycled projects.  I was watching Fox News this morning and one of the commentators was saying that schools are not teaching children how to be public speakers.  I beg to disagree!  Your children love to speak in front of the class and are so comfortable sharing what they know as they present their reports. As a matter of fact they don’t want to sit down once they get up there!  I have always felt that this was a strength of Saint Mary’s as children are given a lot of opportunity to stand in front of a group and share info whether it be through reports like these, SLE skits,  conducting prayers and rosaries in church or  entertaining us with their musical talents,  among others things!  You won’t meet many SMS students who are too shy to be in front of a group and I think this is such a great life lesson for them.      The reports will begin Tuesday morning, May 31.

Friday:   Minimum day, 12:00 dismissal

That is all for now. Contact me if there are any questions. Have a great week!          God Bless


Mrs. Eileen Bonica