First Grade News May 9, 2016 Mrs. Bonica

Dear Parents,

Once again, I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Farmer for their generosity in taking our Saint Mary students to see “Seussical” on Thursday. The children were delighted and amazed to watch and to see their classmate up on the stage and doing such a great job! What a fun day and a terrific exposure to see a musical performed by such a professional group of actors!   Olivia you and Peyton were GREAT!

Religion: the Ascension of Jesus and    Jesus sent the Holy Spirit

Spelling words: heat   leaf   real   read   sea   each   team   clean   dream   beach   didn’t   any   most   food,,,other   wheat   east   meat   teacher   feast         1. We will read four books about the sea.     2. The teacher will read each one.      3. Then most of us will go to the beach.

The test will be on these words on Friday as I didn’t feel that the children had enough time to learn them last week.

There will be math as well as spelling homework this week.

Seaworld Trip I am planning to reserve a day at Seaworld for us on Monday and a note and permission slip with the exact date will come home on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.

I am planning to ask for May 24th. The report and the recycled project will be due the day after Memorial Day.

Math: practice two-digit addition. Do some work with measurement with inches and feet, practice how to read a clock.

Reading: Story: “Whistle for Willie”.   Practice with oo sounds and proofreading.  Learn about the importance of sequence and cause and effect in a story.

Science:  Lifecycle of a butterfly    also  talk about the lives of animals in the ocean .

Have a wonderful week.  Look for the permision slip.

God Bless

Mrs. Eileen  Bonica