Some Website Updates

Hi Everybody!

I certainly hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter spring break.

I thought I would give everyone an update of all the small things that are happening on the St Mary School website and media. Most changes are minor, however I think that if I don’t point them out they may be left unnoticed.

New Picture Banners
In case you missed it, we have updated our banner slides with new pictures in the front page. We will try to update these more frequently to keep the website looking fresh.

Why We Love St. Mary School – Video
Located on the front page is the new school video, “Why We Love St. Mary School.” This video was shown at the school Gala back in February. It is a heartfelt, unscripted and unrehearsed video of some of our students expressing what they love about our school. So check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Under the Wings of Angels – Video
This video was also shown at the school Gala and during the teachers appreciation day before that. It is a poem in video form, created to show our gratitude to all our hard working teachers and staff. The poem is recited by one of our students. You can see this video under the Announcement Section on the front page.

St. Mary School YouTube Channel
The school now has a YouTube channel. Though there aren’t much videos on there yet, we will be posting some soon. So head on over HERE and subscribe if you wish to be notified if we upload new videos. And don’t forget to like the St Mary School Facebook page for more updates on videos, pictures and other media as well.

Leave of Absence / Attendance Link
Children who missed class or will be missing class are required to send an email to the school for notification, security and records. We’ve added a button link in the Parent’s Hub to access the attendance email a little easier. You may also email to send your child’s leave of absence or attendance email.

These are all the website and media updates we can share for now. More updates are planned and we will sure be sending out another notification once they arrive.

Many thanks for your investment, support and dedication to our school. We deeply appreciate everything you have given us. Have a safe, wonderful and blessed break.

Kind regards and Blessings,

SMSE Webmaster