Kinder Newsletter for March 4, 2016

Please have your child bring in 1 empty paper egg carton that can hold 12 eggs, along with 12 solid colored plastic eggs, by Monday, March 14.

We began our unit about mammals. We will have a cumulative activity at the end of the month, like our Space Day. More information on that will come out later, I am still working on getting someone to come in.

HOMEWORK: Please practice reading the books from our lending library and sight words.

Math: Workbook pages 101 – 104

Please have your child read to you or read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes.

SUPERSTAR: Mariana – bring your poster and sharing each day!

Religion We are discussing the Lenten season. We joined our school families for Stations of the Cross in the Church. And we discussed Sundays’ Gospel.

Reading This week we read the Big Red Barn, Farm Animals and Where Does Milk Come From?

Math We are working on Chapter 9, writing and counting money. We continue with Garfield Math, and we began our number roll – writing numbers to 100.

 Cooking We made milk shakes!

Science/Social Studies

We discussed a variety a farm animals and identified what makes them a mammal, such as, they have hair or fur, and they are born alive not from an egg.


Enjoy your weekend!


God Bless,

Mrs. Taylor