First grade News-2/22-2/26

Religion- Sacrament of Forgiveness: Reconciliation  God forgives us so we must forgive others.

Jesus is the light of the world.


Reading: Anchor text: “Animal Groups”  Concepts include digraphs; use of verbs: is, are, was, were;

words with long i sound, Word endings: er, est;  proofreading skills


Spelling: Words for the week: clip, club, clam, glad, flat, sled, plan, plus, blot,flap, can’t, know, our,

many, now, play, clock, flag, please, plant. 1. Our club made a blue flag. 2. We will plant a

tree.  3.  He will play on your yellow sled.

Homework: Mon. Tues.- words 2 times each. Thurs.- Pretest


Math Homework: Wednesday


Social Studies_ George Washington


Science: Animal classifications


Math: Math facts for 10-18. Flash card test next week on facts through 12. The week after

flash card test on facts through 18.  Please practice.

Money-  I am asking that the children bring in some real coins to use for practice. Please see my note

in folders.


ANIMAL REPORTS:  The children need to decide on their animal and tell me by Tuesday 2/23.

We will be getting books from the Library and discussing various things like habitats,

feeding habits and animal classifications.



Permission slips, money for bus tour deadline:  FRIDAY 2/26/2016


Friday     2/26     SLE  presentation-    FIRST GRADE

I will be sending another little SLE song to practice for Friday’s assembly this week.


Have a great week!                             God Bless