Kinder Newsletter for 1/19/2016

We collected 90 postcards! The farthest one away was from Dubai! The children will take them home in a few weeks; we are doing a sorting game with them.


A few Gala offerings:

If you would like your child’s art project (tea light candle holder) from the Gala it is available for purchase for $20.

If you would like your child to join Mrs. Prieto and me for a pizza, movie and munchies night in my classroom (5-7 pm) on Friday, May 20th please sign up in my classroom. It is $20 per child, age pre-K and up. Enjoy a date night while your child is in good hands.

HOMEWORK: Please check your child’s home folder and correct any answers that your child missed.

Math: Please have your child practice recognizing/writing numbers 1-100.

Complete the worksheets and return by next Friday.


Please read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes.

SUPERSTAR: Lilly- bring your poster and sharing each day!


Religion We talked about being a part of God’s family. We joined our school families for Stations of the Cross in the Church. And we discussed Sundays’ Gospel.

Reading This week we read about President Washington, President Lincoln and American Symbols.

Math We completed Chapter 3 and took our Chapter 3 test. We will review writing number to 100 and using a number line to add. We continue with Garfield Math.

Cooking We made Cherry Cobbler for George Washington’s birthday.

Science/Social Studies

We discussed President’s Day, and American Symbols, along with community helpers.


Enjoy your weekend!


God Bless,

Mrs. Taylor