Second Grade Newsletter



This week our Good News magazine prepared the children for Sunday’s liturgy by recognizing why some people didn’t believe in Jesus. We identified Firs Communion as a Sacrament of Initiation and celebrated our invitation to receive Jesus in First Holy Communion. We also recognized the importance of being a community.  On Wednesday we celebrated Mass with Father Scott presiding.


Language Arts-Unit 4.16

This week we completed the realistic fiction Anchor text, Mr. Tanen’s Tie Trouble, answering the essential question, How can helping others make you feel good? Our target skill was Story Structure and Understanding Characters. Our target strategy was to Infer and Predict text details as you read. The spelling and phonics lessons focused on base word and endings –ed, -ing. Our grammar lessons focused on Pronouns. Unit 4-Lesson 17 spelling words are below.


The math lessons this week included adding tens and ones regrouping ones, checking progress with the objectives of lessons 1-6, estimating sums of 2 digit numbers, and rewriting 2 digit addition from horizontal to vertical.


 Social Studies and Science

In social studies we compared and contrasted American Indian cultures of the past to cultures found in the U.S. today.  Including African American, Hispanic, and Asian American.  In Science we recognized and described different kinds of rocks and soil and identified ways people use rocks and soil.



2/5 Friday Noon Dismissal
2/9 Tuesday Kindergarten Parent Information Night
2/10 Wednesday Ash Wednesday
2/12 Friday Daddy Daughter Dance
2/15 Monday No School
2/19 Friday Noon Dismissal




Unit 4.18

Spelling Words

High Frequency Words  

Target Vocabulary Words

happy always accepted  
pretty anything express  
baby been taught  
very draw grand  
puppy friends pretend  
funny mother prize  
carry soon wonder  
lucky under fluttering  
only watch    
sunny words