FIRST GRADE NEWS Mrs. Bonica February 1-February 5, 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for helping to make last week such a great Catholic Schools Week! I think the children had a fun time and were proud to show off for the grandparents.

Please remember to buy Gala tickets for next Saturday night if you have not done so already. Also, Mrs. Quintero is still collecting things for our tablescape of things to do in San Diego. The more items the better and we thank you for all of your generous support.

Religion_ We will talk about our parish, the priests and our bishop and our Pope.  We will discuss what goes on in a parish .

Spelling Bee-We will have our First Grade Spelling Bee on Thursday. There will not be any new words this week. Please continue to practice the list of 100 words in preparation for Thursday. The eighth grade spelling bee will be held on Friday and the winner from that will go on to the next competition.

Reading– We will read the anchor text called “Seasons”. We will talk about the seasons and use labels to describe the characteristics of the seasons. We will learn about the digraphs ph, sh, and wh. and how to use ‘s and n’t in a contraction.  We will learn about what a subject and a verb are and locate them in sentences.

Math– learn about odd and even numbers, counting by twos and fives. We will work with a 100’s chart and write the numbers to 100.

Science– Animals: Children will choose an animal that lives at the San Diego Zoo. They will receive the directions for their animal report and presentation. I am hoping to go to the Library and have each child choose a book to read about their animal .

Social Studies: Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 7th and it is the Year of the Monkey. We will make some projects and learn how the Chinese celebrate this huge holiday for them. Next week we will do some cooking with a wok-yummy!


Report Cards will go home on Friday which is a single session day.                Have a great week and   GOD BLESS you and SAINT MARY SCHOOL !

Mrs. Eileen Bonica