Room 7 Weekly Newsletter 1/22


A look at our week….

Religion:  Next week is Catholic Schools’ Week at Saint Mary!  We will be celebrating our school all week.  See the calendar below for more details.

4th Grade Math:  We are beginning division!

  • Students will understand the meanings of division and the rules for division.
  • Students will write related multiplication and division facts.

Just a reminder that students have one Khan assignment each week that needs to be completed by Friday.  Mastery level is not necessary, I only ask for practice of the assigned task.

5th Grade Math:

  • Students will add mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators.
  • Students will practice renaming sums.

Just a reminder that students have two Khan assignments each week that needs to be completed by Friday.


  • Students will recognize the time-and-space relationships of the sun-Earth-moon system.
  • Students will describe lunar and solar eclipses.
  • Moon Journals:  Be sure to remind your child to check the moon each night and fill in their Moon Journal!  If you forget a night or two, you can always look it up here.
  • Last week, we watched some fun videos to help us learn the phases of the moon.  Click here and here to view these at home!

Social Studies:

We will be finishing Chapter 3 Age of Exploration.  Students will review the following:

  • world and trade between 1271-1465
  • new knowledge and inventions that led to further world exploration between 1454 and 1498
  • European arrive and exploration in the Americas between 1400 and 1550
  • Spanish conquest of the Americas between 1519 to 1540.
  • Development of “New Spain” in North America.

Upcoming Important Dates and Events (Tests are only added on a weekly basis and subject to change):

Sunday, 1/24: Catholic Schools week begins, Open House 10am-1pm:  Students who attend 9am Mass and visit our classroom in their Mass attire uniform will receive a free dress coupon.

Monday, 1/25: Clergy Appreciation Day, Spirit: Crazy Hair

Tuesday 1/26: Career Day, Spirit: Super Hero Day, L.A. Lesson 3.12 Test

Wednesday 1/27: Grandparents’ Day 8am-12noon, 12noon Dismissal

Thursday 1/28: Teacher Appreciation Day, Spirit:  Team/Jersey Shirt, Medical supply donations for mission trip due (4th grade: 2×2, 4×4 gauze pads, 5th grade: latex gloves)

Friday 1/29: Student Appreciation Day, Spirit: Pajama Day *In honor of Student Appreciation Day there will be no tests on this day!

For an up-to-date version of our school calendar please visit

Our Gala is coming up on February 6th!  Our room parents, Mrs. Mansour and Mrs. Plowy, sent an email this week asking for donations for our 4th and 5th grade basket/tablescape.  Please look for that email.  You are welcome to start sending items in to the classroom.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Please join us for the Gala! It will be on February 6th. Click here for the ticket order form.