Kinder Newsletter Jan 8, 2016

Thank you all so very much for the Christmas cards, gifts and the class gift basket that I received from all of you for Christmas, it was a wonderful surprise!

Day 100 is on February 10! We will have many activities that day including a Day 100 project that your child will complete at home. Instructions for the project were email earlier this week.

Please send in 1 empty Pringles can by Tuesday, January 19 for an art project


Rr Sound Bag

Math workbook: Pgs. 177-180

Practice sight words

Please read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes.

SUPERSTAR: Tiffany – bring your photo album and sharing each day!

Religion We discussed the Epiphany and Jesus’ life as a young boy.



This week we read Penguins, If you give a Pig a Pancake,The Quilt Story, and Roxaboxen for the letters Pp, Qq, and Rr.


We have been working on adding numbers and took a math assessment test for chapter 7.

MATH HOMEWORK: Pgs. 177-180


We had pancakes for the letter Pp.

Science/Social Studies

We learned several facts about Penguins. We will begin our unit on the planets and the solar system next week.

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Taylor