Room 7 Weekly Newsletter


Happy New Year!

I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas break.  Thank you all for the Christmas gifts.  I was overwhelmed by your generosity.

Here is a quick look at our upcoming week:

Religion: Chapter 12 Living as a Prayerful People

Language Arts 4th Grade:

This week is all about creativity!  We will explore the question “What does it take to be a great performer?” In the biographical selection José! Born to Dance, we’ll read about a man who learns to express himself through dance. We’ll also read the poetry selection “Dance to the Beat,” about dancing and rhythm.

Target Vocabulary: debut, stubborn, permission, hauling, mournful, towered, triumph, discouraged, toured, border

Vocabulary Strategy: Shades of meaning

Comprehension Skill: Author’s purpose—use text details to figure out the author’s reasons for writing

Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/ evaluate—think carefully about the text and form an opinion about it

For this week’s spelling words please click here.  For the new spelling homework assignment please click here.

5th Grade Language Arts:

This week our class will consider the question “What can a scientist learn by observing the behaviors of a particular animal?” Our main selection, the informational text Cougars, introduces students to one of North America’s most mysterious and agile predators. Also included in this week’s readings is “Purr-fection,” a collection of poems about cats. Students will see how a poet’s words can paint vivid images.

Target Vocabulary: unobserved, available, detecting, mature, ferocious, resemble, particular, vary, contentment, keen

Vocabulary Strategy: Shades of meaning

Comprehension Skill: Main ideas and details—identify a topic’s important ideas and supporting details

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/ clarify—as you read, notice what isn’t making sense and find ways to figure out the parts that are confusing

For this week’s spelling words, please click here.  For the new spelling assignment, please click here.

4th Grade Math:  Chapter 4 Multiply by One and Two Digits

5th Grade Math:  Chapter 4 Number Theory and Fractions

Social Studies:  Chapter 2 Exploration and Settlement

Science:  Review Forecast Projects

Upcoming Important Dates and Events (Tests are only added on a weekly basis and subject to change):

Wednesday, 1/6:  8am Mass (Epiphany), 2:30pm Dismissal

Friday, 1/8:  Religion Ch. 12 Test, Language Arts Lesson 2.10 Test, Spelling Lesson 2.10 Test, 12noon Dismissal

Wednesday, 1/13: 8am Mass, 2:30pm Dismissal

Friday, 1/15:  12noon Dismissal

Monday, 1/18: No School

Wednesday 1/20: 8am Mass, Bake Sale, 2:30pm Dismissal

Thursday, 1/21: Team Day

Sunday, 1/24: Catholic Schools week begins, Open House 10am-12noon

For an up-to-date version of our school calendar please visit